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Minisode 15: Trading CryptoCurrencies

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Minisode 15: Trading CryptoCurrencies

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Nicola Duke & Brad Jelinek

Independent Traders

Record Date: 7/20/17


  1. Trading Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  2. What tools and indicators they’re using to trade.
  3. Forecasting the future of cryptocurrency.


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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. They should of course know regulation will be a sore subject.

    Bitcoin needs to work on it’s own governance where technical decisions fit millions and maybe billions of people (the users).

    The technology does not need regulation. Government don’t need to regulate the software code. The software code is distributed, and written to follow a set of rules, a constitution of the coin (currency) and it regulates itself. Regulation at the software level or coin creation level would stiffle freedom in the cryptocurrency world.

    People usually need regulation, as in the businesses. However that is outside the coin itself. You might regulate in the sense of enforcement of contracts, which is a normal government function.

    Governments might regulate their own cryptocurrency offerings. They can do what they want then, but people in one country don’t need someone in another country regulating the coin’s software code itself.

    Have you noticed the regulation of fiat currencies has been a disaster. It’s been totally dishonest. It’s been mismanaged. Example: Congress spends too much. Country goes into huge debt. Country sells bonds it cant afford to pay back. Floods world with money but rigs certain markets to fake the value of the currency relative to commodities. When the dyke breaks the years of built up rigging will take everything down. Nobody will trust the system or the markets. This is the result of regulation, or short term necessity. A crypto currency running automatically and publicly with trust built in is immune to tampering. People can pick the currency on its merits alone.

    1. Good point on the code, you wouldn’t want to regulate that. But we do need regulations surrounding the industry as a whole in order to foster mass adoption. Specifically with the Ethereum based token sales. You can say that people are grown adults and then make choices and should suffer the consequences but if you want mass adoption then rules need to exist. The pump and dump stuff is going to get snuffed out and the system will be better for it. The next area is around business taxation which is already starting in some states. Third is at the individual level of taxation. Currently, my trades are classified like property and that really doesn’t make sense given how things are evolving. So I’d like to see clarity around those issues.

  2. Amen Jx
    As anFX trader I know all about Central Bank and Government intervention.
    I used to worry that these currencies would be banned, that has gone a bit but not completely.
    Thanks for listening.

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