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Special: Fed Recap with Yra Harris and Edward Harrison

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Special: Fed Recap with Yra Harris and Edward Harrison

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Edward Harrison and Yra Harris

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Record Date: 12/15/16

Dear Traders,

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with 2 guests, Edward Harrison who writes the blog Credit Writedowns, and Yra Harris who writes the blog Notes From Underground.

I asked both of them to come on the show to discuss the latest fed meeting.  It was a highly-anticipated meeting that had major implications for the markets moving forward. I felt it was important for traders and investors to listen to these two gentlemen to get a real understanding of what happened in the latest meeting and what we as traders and investors should be focused on following this meeting.

I have a ton of respect for both guests as they always provide great insight on the markets.  Grab yourself a pen a paper because today’s show gives you some very important information about the latest fed decision and what you should be watching in the future.


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