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Ep: 79 The Exciting Future of FinTech from an Angel Investor and Trader

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Ep: 79 The Exciting Future of FinTech from an Angel Investor and Trader

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Jeff Carter – Manager at West Loop Ventures 

Jeff Carter



We have an awesome guest on the show today his name is Jeff Carter, manager at West Loop Ventures. He’s a successful angel investor, ex pit-trader, and someone who is very good when it comes to economics and trading the markets.

In the show we cover his process of angel investing and how he finds the newest and best fin tech companies to put money into. We go over Bitcoin, block chain, and mobile technology and discuss its’ growth in the FinTech industry.

Finally, we touch on the outstanding growth that is being seen in the options markets, and he tells us why he believes the markets are not rigged.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • His process of Angel Investing in FinTech.
  • Game changing technology that focuses on bitcoin and block chain.
  • The demand for mobile tech. is growing, and how it has transitioned over the years.
  • Discussion about why options on futures will continue to see growth.
  • How Millennials look at the markets and why he believes the markets are not rigged.
  • The avg. marriage lasts 7.1 yrs and the avg. FinTech startup is 10 yrs.

Answers to the 4 rapid fire questions at the end of the show:

  1. Fav. Book About Trading:  The Business Block-Chain by William Mougayar.
  2. Fav. Movie About Trading:  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
  3. Best Piece of Advice About Trading:  Keep trading. Don’t internalize your mistakes. You’re only as good as your next trade. Always make trades so if you lose you can come back and keep trading.
  4. Advice to Younger Generation About Trading:  Get comfortable by learning everything about how capital flows across different markets. Everything is interconnected now. If you’re going to trade, be committed because markets are more 24/7 today. 


(Twitter: @pointsnfigures)

Jeff is a Manager at WestLoopVentures.com

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