Futures Radio is a weekly talk show hosted by 18-year futures veteran and CME member Anthony Crudele, an ex-pit trader and one of the first to trade the E-Mini S&P. Each week Anthony talks with traders, CEOs, and other proven market participants about relevant trading and investing information.

EP: 98 Global Financial Leadership Conference – Part 2

Posted on Nov 22, 2016

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Special Edition GFLC Part 2:

JB Mackenzie - TD Ameritrade

JB Mackenzie – TD Ameritrade

JJ Kinahan - TD Ameritrade

JJ Kinahan – TD Ameritrade

Mark Omens - CME Group

Mark Omens – CME Group

Tim McCourt - CME Group

Tim McCourt – CME Group










Derek Sammann - CME Group

Derek Sammann – CME Group



Peter Keavey - CME Group

Peter Keavey – CME Group











Record Date: 11/14-15/2016

Dear Traders,

Hello and welcome to episode 98 a special edition of Futures Radio Show.

We’re recording this series at the Ritz Carlton of Naples Florida where the Global Financial Leadership Conference (GFLC) is underway. We are gaining
insights and knowledge from some of the brightest minds and thought leaders in the financial industry.

Every year CME Group hosts this amazing conference in beautiful sunny Florida and every year the speakers and guests just get better and better. This is Part 2 of our GFLC series. This year I had the honor of speaking with many guests that all gave a unique perspective into the world of futures and the global markets.

Featured in Part 2 you will hear from JJ Kinahan and JB McKenzie (TD Ameritrade), Derek Sammann (CME Group), Tim McCourt (CME Group), Peter Keavey (CME Group), and Mark Omens (CME Group).

As always, thank you all for listening, please enjoy this episode.  


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