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Quant Over Discretionary – Kora Reddy

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Quant Over Discretionary – Kora Reddy

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  1. Becoming a Quant
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  4. Developing a Quantitative Strategy


Kora Reddy
Quantitative Trader & Co-founder of PastStat

Kora’s Resources

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Q. What trader has influenced your life the most and why?
A. Victor Niederhoffer. Chair is a primary inspiration the empirical in my approach to trading, the emphasis on test when ever you are can or have tested that to test the trading ideas.

Q. What was one of the hardest things you’ve had to overcome in trading?
A. “Not to trade” when there is no statistical edge , and trying to manufacture an edge by look else where or multiple comparison in statistical world.

Q. How has your strategy recommendation process evolved over the years?
A. May be I would have read close 1000 books on trading , and tried all heavy duty and complex indicators over may 10 years , finally to realize the simple patterns works better.

Q. What is one attribute that you believe every trader should have?
A. Creativity – you are not going to be successful if you trade the same way that trading texts describe. you need to go beyond text book and do something unique to be successful trader.
you need to look for unique information or look at common information in unique ways.

Q. Favorite Book About Trading?
A. Have written a blog about top ten books of mine, but if you ask me to pick one, it is secrets of professional turf betting.

Q. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about Trading?
A. Protect downside, there will always be “this time is different”.

Q. If you could give the younger you advice after everything you’ve learned about trading and the markets, what would it be?
A. Test everything you can.

Q. If you had to elevator pitch me your edge in trading what would it be?
A. Look for mean reverting patterns in the USA while look for momentum patterns in India , on the long side.

Q. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not Trading?
A. Cooking!

Record Date:  4/19/20

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