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Developing Mental Edge – Steven Goldstein

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Developing Mental Edge – Steven Goldstein

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  1. Trader to Performance Coach
  2. Developing Mental Edge
  3. Instincts, Rules and Guidelines
  4. Unplugging from Trading


Steven Goldstein
Trader and Investor Performance Coach, Alpha R Cubed

Record Date:  11/27/19 

Rapid Fire:

Q. What Trader has influenced your life the most and why?
A. I’ve worked with so many, both as a trader and a coach, and been influenced by so many that I have read about, that it is impossible to answer this. If it is one I read about, it is Ed Seykota – but there are so many that stand out for me, most of them being clients, and client confidentiality unfortunately does not allow me to mention them by name.

Q. What was one of the hardest things for you to overcome in Trading?
A. Ego has always been the standout for me, this interferes everywhere and in every part of my trading.

Q. How has your trading process evolved over the years?
A. I went through many morphs and adaptions.  My early years (1987+) as bank trader involved arbitraging across rate markets, I then became involved as a rates/fx market maker, then a proprietary trader. However it was after working with a coach in 2000, that the biggest transition came and my latter years (2000 – 2009) were by far the most successful as a prop trader.

Q. What is one attribute that you believe every trader should have?
A. Extreme Self-awareness

Q. Favorite Book about Trading?
A. Market Wizards 1 + 2

Q. If you had to pick a profession other than trading, what would it be?
A. Psychologist.

Q. What’s the best advice you received about Trading?
A. ‘Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.’ – Babe Ruth quote.

Q. If you can give a piece of advice to the younger you, what would it be?
A. Don’t let your concerns of how you think others think about you, influence your actions.

Q. If you had to elevator pitch me your edge trading, what would you say?
A.  My edge was being a Trading Alchemist, from nothing I could make something.

Q. Favorite thing to do when not Trading?
A.  Football (Soccer). Particularly watching Arsenal, I’m a huge fan, been watching them for almost 50 years. But also other sports, Cricket, Tennis, Rugby.  Also like walking, finding some great hills, countryside and walking them. 

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