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EP: 167 Best Moments November

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EP: 167 Best Moments November

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  1.  Industry Leaders Discuss Launch of Bitcoin Futures
  2.  The Future Of Crypto Asset Trading
  3.  Focus on Execution, Keep Analysis Simple
  4.  Cash Grain Trader vs Straight Futures Trader
  5.  Know The News Before Its News
  6.  Context Is King In Trading
  7.  Interest Rate Shock Coming In 10 YR Treasuries
  8.  Feelings & Emotions Help Traders

Guests: (9)

Terry Duffy  – CEO, CME Group

Twitter – @CMEGroup 

Rick Lane – CEO, Trading Technologies 

Twitter – @R1ck_L4n3

Record Date: 11/14/17

MS: 22 Industry Leaders Discuss Launch of Bitcoin Futures <—Full Episode


Jameson Lopp – Infrastructure Team Lead at BitGo

Twitter – @Lopp

Record Date:  11/7/17

EP: 164 The Future of Crypto Asset Trading <—Full Episode


Tony Greer – Owner & Operator of TG Macro Consulting

Twitter – @TGNY2000 

Record Date:  11/6/17

EP: 163 Focus on Execution, Keep Analysis Simple <—Full episode


Angie Setzer – VP of Grain for Citizens Elevator

Twitter – @GoddessofGrain

Record Date:  10/31/17

EP: 162 Cash Grain Trader vs Straight Futures Trader<—Full Episode


James Shinn – CEO, Predata

Twitter – @James_Shinn

Record Date:  10/31/17

EP: 161 Know The News Before Its News <—Full Episode


Patricia Hemsworth – Senior VP Institutional Sales, Paragon Global Markets

Twitter – @Phemsworth 

Record Date:   11/20/17

EP: 165 Context Is King In Trading <—Full Episode


Larry McDonald – Founder & Editor of The Bear Traps Report

Twitter – @Convertbond 

Record Date: 11/7/17

MS: 21 Interest Rate Shock Coming In 10 YR Treasuries <—Full Episode


Denise Shull – Founder & CEO, The ReThink Group

Twitter – @DeniseKShull 

Record Date:  11/21/17

EP: 166 Feelings & Emotions Help Traders <—Full Episode




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