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EP: 158 Sentiment in the Major Markets

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EP: 158 Sentiment in the Major Markets

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Thomas Thorton

President Hedge Fund Telemetry LLC

Record Date:  10/10/17


  1. Sentiment in U.S. Equities
  2. Sectors Tom’s looking at for Longs & Shorts
  3. What the Sectors are signaling to us about the S&P
  4. Why you need to watch the FANG stocks
  5. Sentiment in Bonds, Euro, Dollar, Oil, Gold, Coffee & Lumber

Rapid Fire:

  1. How has your trading evolved?
    • You have to lose to learn. I’ve learned to keep it simple.
  2. The moment trading just clicked for you?
    • When I bought telecommunications Inc. I had everything working for me.
  3. 1 source you spend your time on?
    • Bloomberg everyday. Daily sentiment index. Always creating models.
  4. Favorite Book About Trading:
    • Market Wizards.
  5. Favorite Movie About Trading: Equity
  6. Best Advice Ever Received About Trading:
    • When you need to make money in trading you won’t. When you want to make money, you will.
  7. Advice to Give to Others About Trading:
    • Look at other people’s process, find a mentor, speak to people. Record your winners and losers. Understand risk management. Be diversified.
  8. If you weren’t a trader you’d be what?
    • I’d be an architect.


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  1. good show enjoyed very much

  2. I would like to obtain Mr. Thornton’s email address.


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