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EP: 150 Staying Ahead of the Curve

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EP: 150 Staying Ahead of the Curve

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Chris Hehmeyer

CEO Hehmeyer Trading + Investments

Record Date: 8/17/17


  1. Keeping an open mind as Markets change
  2. Current Focus at Hehmeyer Trading & Investments
  3. Kottke Integration
  4. Why Crypto is the next frontier
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Rapid Fire:


  1. How has your trading evolved? Trading spreads with notecards to sub-fifty nanosecond. Technology has evolved.
  2. The moment trading just clicked for you? Summer of 1978, someone told me to bid for one month and lean for the later month. I got it after that.
  3. 1 source you spend your time on? Discussing w/ programmers if we should be using java or c++
  4. Favorite Book About Trading? Martin Douglas: Trading in the Zone
  5. Favorite Movie About Trading? Trading Places
  6. Best Advice Ever Received About Trading? If you see a line get in it. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.
  7. Advice to Give to Others About Trading? Computer science and programming. They are running the activity.
  8. If you weren’t a trader you’d be what? Goat farming.


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