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EP: 149 The Best Moments in August

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EP: 149 The Best Moments in August

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  1. Evolution of Algorithmic Trading
  2. Examining the Federal Reserve
  3. Using Data for an Edge
  4. Gamer, Poker Player, Trader
  5. Inside Look at FTSE Russell
  6. Market May Have 60-70% Correction
  7. Renaissance of Discretionary Trading
  8. Understanding Interest Rate Products

Guests (8):

Jared Broad

CEO of QuantConnect

Record Date: 8/1/17

EP: 142 Evolution of Algorithmic Trading


Danielle DiMartino Booth

President of Money Strong, LLC & Former Adviser at The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Record Date: 8/8/17

EP 143: Examining the Federal Reserve


David Bergstrom

Quantitative Analyst & Trader

Record Date: 8/9/17

EP 144: Using Data For An Edge


Moritz Czubatinski

Co-Founder & Managing Director at Quantum Trade Solutions

Record Date: 8/8/17

EP 145: Gamer, Poker Player, Trader


Ron Bundy

CEO Benchmarks North America FTSE Russell

Record Date: 8/15/17

EP: 146 Inside Look at FTSE Russell


Dave Collum

Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Biology at Cornell University

Record Date: 8/22/17

EP: 148 Reasons Market May Have 60-70% Correction


Darren Reed

Co-Founder & Director at Cygnet Proprietary Trading

Record Date: 8/14/17

EP: 147 Renaissance of Discretionary Trading


Agha Mirza

Managing Director and Global Head of Interest Rate Products

Record Date: 8/1/17

MS: 17 Understanding Interest Rate Products

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