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EP 137: Best Moments in June [video]

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EP 137: Best Moments in June

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  1. Finding your edge
  2. Risk parity (bond market)
  3. Great investing
  4. Hard vs. Soft Brexit
  5. Biggest risk in Europe
  6. 2/10 yield curves
  7. Getting funded
  8. Performance mindset training
  9. FX trading
  10. Always learning

Guests (10):

Raoul Pal @RaoulGMI 

CEO/Founder – The Global Macro Investor, CEO/Co-Founder Real Vision Group

Record Date: 5/30/17

EP: 131 Time Horizon Equals Edge


Kevin Muir @kevinmuir

Macro Tourist 

Record Date: 5/24/17

EP: 132 Bonds, Bubbles, and Risk Parity


Mark Yusko @MarkYusko

CEO and CIO at Morgan Creek Capital Management

Record Date: 5/30/17

EP: 133 Average Traders Focus on the Last Play, Great Traders Focus on the Next Play


FIA IDX London 2017: @FIAconnect

FIA Head of Europe

Record Date: 6/6/17 

EP: 134 Beyond The Charts at FIA – IDX London


Martin Tixier @Macronomics1

Strategist at Independent Macro Consultancy Firm Macronomics

Record Date: 5/31/17 

EP: 135 Global Markets Create Global Risks


Yra Harris @YraHarris

Notes From Underground

Record Date: 6/19/17

MS 11: Why S&P Traders Should Watch Yield Curves


Michael Patak @TopstepTrader

CVO & Founder of TopstepTrader

Record Date: 6/15/17

MS 12: Getting Funded To Trade Futures


Russ Rausch @visionpursue

Founder of VisionPursue

Record Date: 6/13/17

EP 136: A Trader’s Mindset Is Their Biggest Asset


Kiana Danial @KianaDanial

CEO of InvestDiva

Record Date: 6/28/17

MS 13:  Charting Currency Pairs w/ Kiana Danial


Brain Wagner

Branch Manager & Market Specialist for efutures and First Capital Ag

Record Date: 6/27/17

EP 137: Best Moments in June

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  1. I like the summary show concept. Very interesting.
    Futures Radio Show is a gem.

    1. Frank,

      Thank you! We’re always looking to improve so it’s nice to hear that you like what we’re producing.


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