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EP: 130 The 7 Best Moments in May {video}

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EP: 130 The 7 Best Moments in May {video}

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Today is our 7 Best Moments of May video. It is a compilation of every guest featured in May, and our favorite moment’s throughout their interview. Please watch below or listen to it on iTunes. Enjoy! 


Morad Askar @FuturesTrader71


Record Date: 4/28/17 {video}

Minisode 9: Key Elements of Successful Trading w/ FuturesTrader71


Lanre Sarumi @lvltradingfield

CEO of Level Trading Field LLC

Record Date: 5/3/17

EP: 125 Managing Risk is More Than Just Numbers


Jesse Felder @jessefelder

The Felder Report

Record Date: 5/9/17

Minisode 10: Bankers Turning Bearish & Passive Investing Becomes Commonplace


Matt Osborne @Altegris

Co-Founder & CIO of Altegris Advisors

Record Date: 5/10/17 

EP: 126 A Look Inside Managed Futures


Lisa Ward @Lisa_Ward1990

Co-Founder of #OOTT & TankerTrackers.com

Record Date: 5/11/17 

EP: 127 Drilling Down On Tanker Tracking


Michael Melissinos @mmelissinos

CEO of Melissinos Trading

Record Date: 5/17/17

EP: 128 Long Term vs Short Term Trend Following


Brannigan Barret @Trader_Bran

Senior Trader at Axia Futures

Record Date: 5/23/17

EP: 129 Characteristics to Survive and Thrive in Trading


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