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EP: 110 Trading With The Force

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EP: 110 Trading With The Force

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James Trouble “JediEconomist”

Professional Trader Based in UK

Record Date: 2/14/17


Today I spoke to a man who was originally a DJ and Club promoter, but changed course when he met a friend working at a trading arcade. That friend invited him to watch traders in live action, and he immediately fell in love with the markets.  His love for the movie Star Wars has impacted the way that he trades markets; his name is James Trouble, a professional trader known on twitter as Yoda @jedieconomist.

[bctt tweet=”You might have a good idea of the equilibrium price in a market, but what’s more important is where the weak points are in the price…” username=”JediEconomist”]

Today James and I talked about his worst trade and the lessons that came from that moment in his trading career.  James tells us his favorite trade on Non Farm Payrolls day.  I asked james about the Bloomberg article that he was highlighted in covering one of his tweets that supposedly moved the British Pound one percent around the time of the Brexit.

James is a great guy who loves trading the markets, working with traders on twitter, and of course he loves Star Wars.  You will enjoy hearing James speak about using the Force to trade the markets.

Biggest Takeaways:

  1. Yoda’s worst trade ever. What lessons he’s learned.
  2. His favorite non-farm payrolls trade.
  3. Famous brexit tweet featured in a Bloomberg article.
  4. Trading with the force.

Rapid Fire:

  1. How has your trading evolved over the years?
    • It was a very steep learning curve. My ability to read price action.
  2. Can you tell me the moment that trading just clicked for you?
    • My first trade when I traded sters. I thought it was amazing and knew I wanted to do it for a living.
  3. What’s the number 1 source you spend your time on?
    • Twitter
  4. Favorite Book About Trading:
    • Don’t read books. Just twitter.
  5. Favorite Movie About Trading:
    • Star Wars. The force of the markets.
  6. Best Advice Ever Received About Trading:
    • **ck the books. You got to feel the market, get involved, and put positions on.
  7. Advice to Give to Others About Trading:
    •  Research where you’re putting your money. DO your due diligence.



  • “You might have a good idea of the equilibrium price in a market, but what’s more important is where the weak points are in the price…” 7:25
  • “The worst trade I ever had was caused by not researching where my money was being held…” 13:20


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