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EP: 100 From Trader to CEO of CME Group

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EP: 100 From Trader to CEO of CME Group

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Terry Duffy


Chairman & CEO, CME Group

Record Date: 11/15/16

Dear Traders,

Today, we talked to a man that started trading in CME’s hog pits in the early 1980’s, and worked his way to becoming the chairman and CEO of the largest futures exchange in the world…CME Group. His name is Terry Duffy, and his story is inspiring to all of us.

Terry sat down with me at the Global Financial Leadership Conference in Naples Florida and we had a great chat about his journey from trading in the pits to eventually becoming the President and CEO of the exchange.

One of the questions I asked Terry was why he started GFLC 9 years ago. He gave a great answer, and I can tell you first hand that it’s one of the greatest conferences you will ever attend. Then Terry and I discussed the future of CME Group.

I went on and asked Terry what innovative technologies will hit the markets in 2017 and beyond.  And I asked his thoughts about the new President-Elect Donald Trump and how his presidency will impact the financial markets.

When Terry talks, we all listen because he is one of the greatest thought leaders in our industry.

I want to take this time and thank all the listeners for their tremendous support and helping us reach our 100th episode. Because of you, we’ve been able to hit 10’s of thousands of traders every week. I appreciate all the social shares, questions, and comments we receive daily.

My goal on day 1 was to produce a show about the futures industry that all traders and market participants could tune in to on a weekly basis; Answering the questions that traders and investors are asking. We cover all the topics that traders are following on the financial markets.

Finally, I want to thank our great sponsors CME Group and Trading Technologies for their continuous support of the show.

Biggest Takeaways:

  1. Why Terry started the Global Financial Leadership Conference 9 years ago
  2. How he as the new CEO will be using innovation in 2017. Making the CME the most efficient exchange.
  3. Why he feels Blockchain technology will be the future of mitigating risk.
  4. How President-Elect Trump will impact the markets.

Answers to the 4 rapid fire questions at the end of the show:

  1. Favorite Book About Trading:
    – The Economist, and Financial Times
  2. Favorite Movie About Trading:
    – Trading Places
  3. Best Advice Ever Received About Trading:
    – Be a better listener than a talker, and it will clear your mind.
  4. Advice to Give to Others About Trading:
    – Patience, patience, patience. Today’s world thinks in microseconds. Have a long-term view. Go out in the real world and see what is happening, and what people are buying it will tell you something.



  • “…People want cost effective and real-time risk management, and the Blockchain will be the technology to watch…”
  • “…Be a better listener than a talker, and it will make you a better trader…”
  • “…as a trader…you have to have a long-term view with a short-term risk management profile…”

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