Futures Radio is a weekly talk show hosted by 18-year futures veteran and CME member Anthony Crudele, an ex-pit trader and one of the first to trade the E-Mini S&P. Each week Anthony talks with traders, CEOs, and other proven market participants about relevant trading and investing information.


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FIA featured in following episodes:


Rick Lane – CEO Trading Technologies https://twitter.com/Trading_Tech Jared Broad CEO/ Founder QuantConnect https://twitter.com/QuantConnect Michael Ourabah – CEO & Founder of BSO Network https://twitter.com/MichaelOurabah Morgan Slade – CEO of CloudQuant https://twitter.com/jmorganslade Emma Davey – Senior VP Global Communications FIA https://twitter.com/FIAconnect Davor Frank – Senior Solutions Architect Solarflare https://twitter.com/solarflare10g Record Date:  10/18,19/17


  1. Trading Technologies Acquisition of Artificial Intelligence
  2. The Massive Growth in Cryptocurrencies
  3. Crowdfunding in Algorithmic Trading
  4. Low Latency from London to Tokyo
  5. Tick to Trade Latency
  6. FIA Launches FIA Training


https://www.futuresfundamentals.org/  https://fia.org/node/1885/
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This past week I attended the Futures Industry Association IDX event in London.  I was fortunate enough to sit down and chat with several industry leaders about the European landscape of financial markets. I asked them how they see the Brexit and the upcoming political events effecting our markets. We discussed topics ranging from new regulations, lack of volatility, euro clearing, the expansion of FX trading across Asia, and even getting reliable connectivity in emerging markets! I’ve always said that we’re not just traders, we're entrepreneurs. I stress how important it is, not only to study technicals and the fundamentals, but to understand what shapes the future of this industry. Whether it’s regulation or compliance, it’s something that heavily effects our trading businesses whether you like it or not. That’s why I firmly believe attending these FIA events and reporting back to you is so important! You can go to their website here: https://fia.org/ So what was a major theme this year? It was the political uncertainty being an overhang on financial markets. We have all seen the lack of volatility lately, not only for the traders, but for the banks and businesses associated with futures markets. I had a wonderful time in London.  It’s truly an awesome city that I look forward to coming back to soon!  As usual thank you all for listening and please enjoy this episode! 


Simon Puleston @puleston FIA Head of Europe Record Date:  6/6/17 ----------------------------- Steve Stewart @Trading_Tech Managing Director, Sales TT EMEA Record Date: 6/6/17 ----------------------------- Fraser Bell @FGBELL4 CRO BSO Record Date: 6/6/17 ----------------------------- Paul Houston @PaulHouston Global Head of FX Products at CME Group Record Date: 6/6/17 -----------------------------


My first guest today was Simon Puleston Jones, Head of Europe at FIA. Today Simon and I talked about Euro Clearing, Brexit & how the exchanges say that the top concern of their clients right now is the uncertainty in politics. Next I spoke with Steve Stewart, Managing Director of Sales at TT Europe.  Steve and I talked about Rugby and how being an athlete can be beneficial to working in the Financial Markets, we talked about the political landscape in Europe and impacts on traders , we discussed the financial regulation calle MiFid 2 and also about new happenings at TT. Next I spoke with Fraser Bell, Chief Revenue Officer at BSO Networks.  We chatted about my passion for wanting to visit Scotland and of course we then went on to talk about market related topics…Expanding FX trading across Asia as demand for currency derivates is increasing in emerging markets and their recent Partnership w CME to provide connectivity in emerging markets which is huge if youre a trader and someday wants to trade from a remote island. Last but not least I spoke with Paul Houston, Global Head of FX Products at CME Group.  Paul and I had a great conversation about the crazy weather here in London, we talked about the evolution of FX products as this year is the 45 year anniversary of FX products being launched at CME.  We discussed new product offerings in FX markets at CME and the process of them choosing to launch a new product.  Finally I asked him about some of the topics that he has been focusing on here at IDX.


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Rick Lane, CEO Trading Technologies: (1:40)
  1. Trading for a good cause. Futures for kids.
  2. Re-building TT platform from ground up. Pushing industry forward.
  3. New features for the trader. Adding options!
Tim McCourt, Managing Director and Global Head, Equity Products: (9:45)
  1. Bringing back the Russell 2000 to CME Group.
  2. ETF’s or Futures. Total Cost Analysis Tool.
  3. Weekly options on futures growth.
Chris Hehmeyer, CEO Hehmeyer Trading+Investments: (16:05)
  1. Evolution of trading. Benefit’s of FIA Boca.
  2. Automation vs. Point-Click.
  3. Regulation back on-track.
Carl Gilmore, President Integritas Financial Consulting: (27:05)
  1. Future of regulation under Trump administration.
  2. Smart regulation should be risk based and simplified.
  3. Find the risk in the system and focus on that first.
Yuriy Shterk, Head of Product Management, Derivatives at Fidessa: (34:28)
  1. Face-to-face with regulators, FCM’s, market leaders.
  2. Change is coming to regulation from new administration. Unclear yet.
  3. There’s optimism surrounding growth, and profitability.
Tom Lehrkinder, Senior Analyst at TABB Group: (40:35)
  1. Forward outlook for FCM’s is positive and stable.
  2. Record volume trends on futures.
  3. Global coordination creating optimistic outlook for industry.
Bill Harts, CEO at Modern Markets Initiative: (46:54)
  1. Proper and smart regulation to support investing.
  2. Metrics used when revamping regulation. Needs a fresh look.
  3. Optimism looking forward for Futures Industry.
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