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Ari Pine

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Ari Pine featured in following episodes:


Ari Pine Pine Research and Trading Record Date: 4/24/17


  1. Ari’s thoughts on the French elections effect on gold and what volatility is telling us now.
  2. Why Ari trades gold and all other markets.
  3. U.S debt being inflated away through printing money, and Ari’s take on Trump’s tactics.
  4. What Ari says the chart of real assets compared to financial assets shows us. The demand change for gold.
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  • “I don’t want to hold financial assets or debt because it’s going to get inflated away…” Ari Pine, 15:00
  • “Right now gold is a little rich, it’s far more liquid than the other precious metals, and there’s been demand for it from the central banks…” Ari Pine, 18:30
  • “With QE, you’d think it would help both real and financial assets, but in this case you see financial assets outperform…” 21:05
  • “Not only are there trades to be made in the futures for gold, but the options markets also have interesting and cheap opportunities right now…” 23:00
  • “Gold is like Notre Dame and tends to trade expensive all the time…”23:05


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