Edge in Trading Breakouts

This month on #TechnicalTuesdays I sat down with my friend Anthony Maceroni.  Anthony is an independent swing and position trader and when he’s not trading, he is working as an electrician. He is proof that you can have a full-time job and be a full-time successful trader.  You just have to find a strategy that fits your personality and schedule. In this episode Anthony shares with us process for drawing trend lines, his edge in trading breakouts, how he journals and gives us trade examples using a breakout strategy.

Before you listen to the interview with Anthony I want to mention the Technical Analysis Guide by RJO Futures. I have it downloaded on my desktop and it’s a great resource for the basics of technical analysis.  If you’re interested in learning about the basics of technical analysis or if you’d like to have a solid resource on the basics of TA I highly recommend you download this free pdf (Click Here to download)


Anthony Maceroni Independent Trader Record Date:  3/2/19


  1. Process for Drawing Trend Lines
  2. Journaling Trades
  3. Edge Trading Breakouts
  4. Trade Entry & Exit Examples
  5. Determining Stops
  6. Trade Example

Charts From This Conversation:

Netflix, Inc
Cyber-Ark Software Ltd.


Anthony Maceroni’s Resources:



 Technical Analysis Guide by RJO Futures

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