Trade Using Support & Resistance

This month on #TechnicalTuesdays I sat down with my friend Rayner Teo.  Rayner is an independent swing and position trader and founder of Trading with Rayner.  In this post Rayner & I discuss his process for determining Support & Resistance levels.  He shares with us his edge using Support & Resistance, how he uses an ATR to determine his stops, explains his process for trailing stops and gives two recent trade examples…one in Silver and one in the Euro-Pound.

Before you listen to the interview with Rayner I want to mention the Technical Analysis Guide by RJO Futures. I have it downloaded on my desktop and it’s a great resource for the basics of technical analysis.  If you’re interested in learning about the basics of technical analysis or if you’d like to have a solid resource on the basics of TA I highly recommend you download this free pdf (Click Here to download)


Rayner Teo Swing & Position Trader & Founder of Trading with Rayner Record Date:  1/29/19
TechnicalTuesdays Trade Using Support & Resistance – Rayner Teo


  1. Determining Support & Resistance Levels
  2. Edge Using Support & Resistance
  3. Using the ATR to Determine a Stop
  4. Process for Trailing Stops
  5. Silver & Euro-Pound Trade Examples

Charts From This Conversation:


Rayner Teo’s Resources:


 Technical Analysis Guide by RJO Futures

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